Resses handcrafted near Nantes

Resses handcrafted near Nantes

Since 1923, AERT-FIL C° puts its artisanal know-how to your service, as well as a high-end care in the conception of iron wire braided baskets… Our company is specialized in designing baskets of French manufacture, and we provide a large selection of items for all needs. You need a large basket to pick fruit in your garden or to store vegetables in your kitchen? Just contact us and we will satisfy you at the soonest.

All the advantages of handmade baskets

At Aert-Fil, we manufacture made in France  products, with an exceptional longevity (40 years) and fully biodegradable. Our products are made from a wire which is remarkably resistant to traction, rust and wear and tear over time. The Resse baskets are also flexible, easy to handle, and offer precise and aesthetic finishing.
Thanks to the know-how passed down from generation to generation since 1923, Aert-Fil provides you with baskets in medium and large volumes. Apart from 15 and 25 L baskets (suitable for picking), we manufacture baskets called "Resse" of 40, 50 and 75 L. These large baskets are ideal for storing fruits and vegetables in your kitchen or in your pantry. They are also perfect for storing wood logs near the fireplace, and thanks to their reinforced frame, they withstand  the weight of all your products.
In addition, our « Resse » baskets are exact replicas of the accessories made during the 1920s: thanks to their retro look and their old charm, they bring an aesthetic and original touch to your interior
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